How to integrate Web Money in X-Payment

You can integrate Web money in xpayment in following ways:

  1. Create a new payment method in x-payment
  2. On the General setting, Choose your Order status that you want to apply when the purchase is successful.
  3. On the integration tab, Select Integration Type “Redirect/Forward to Payment URL
  4. Enter URL to redirect is:
  5. Select Method Type: POST
  6. On the Data(s) field, enter following JSON data and adjust your LMI_PAYEE_PURSE accordingly.
    "LMI_PAYMENT_DESC" : "Payment to {storeName}",
    "LMI_PAYMENT_NO" : "{orderId}",
    "LMI_PAYMER_EMAIL": "{email}",
    "LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT" : "{orderTotal}",
    "LMI_SUCCESS_URL" : "{returnURL}",
    "LMI_FAIL_URL": "{storeUrl}index.php?route=checkout/checkout",

7. On the Payment success condition field, enter the following condition:

Complete Integration example of webmoney in X-payment

8. Please download this ocmod and install it through the extension installer and refresh your ocmod list. This is needed as WebMoney does not return to the success page properly.

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