How to sum the cost up of the two methods?

To sum up the cost of several methods, you can use the Grouping Option. Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Go to X-Shippingpro -> Global setting -> Grouping, Now select a group e.g. Group1 to SUM

2. Now we have a group1 and we have to assign group method/member for this group.

3. To assign a method into a group, go to the general tab of a method, select the Group to Group1.

4. When X-Shippingpro finds several methods belongs to the same group during checkout,  X-Shippingpro takes the appropriate action and shows one method instead of showing them all.

For example, you have a `Method-1` and `Method-2` methods.  If customer want to purchase only from the `Method-2` or `Method-2`, group mode will not come into action. 

But when a customer wants to purchase from both `Method-1` and `Method-2`, it meets the group criteria and grouping will come into action. So shipping cost will be summed up and it displays the summed cost instead of showing separately.

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