How to implement TNT courier in xshippingpro

TNT facts
TNT uses Volumetric Weight to calculate whether the shipping costs will be Real Weight or Volumetric Weight. It will be used the greater of the two.
Volumetric Weight = L (m) x H (m) x W (m) x CCF  Where  CCF is 250kg / m3
– Additional Fuel Surcharge (FSI). International charges are based on Crude fluctuations. Now is 13.25%.
How to implement via xshippingpro
  1. Create a new method and give it a name
  2. Go to Price setting Tab, Select rate type is Volume
  3. Enter Dimensional/volumetric Weight Factor is 0.00025 if your Length class is Centimeter. If your length class is Meter, then enter Dimensional/volumetric Weight Factor is 250.
  4. Now check the option 
  5. Now enter unit ranges as per your price requirement. For example:
    Start     End        Cost         Per Unit Block        Allow Partial
    0              10            20                   0                               NO
    10            20           25                   0                                NO
  6. For for adding Surcharge please enter  +13.25% into the field Modifier under Price adjustment section


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