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How to integrate Paypal standard in xpayment?

To integrate paypal standard in xpayment,  you will have to do following steps:

  1. Create a new payment method and provide a name
  2. You can enter Payment instruction if you wan to show to the customers
  3. In the General tab, change status to enable
  4. You can also apply any other rules like product or category if you need
  5. Now it is time to do real integration actions. In the Integration tab, we have to do followings:
  • Select Integration Type is Redirect/Forward to Payment URL
  • Enter URL to Redirect is https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr
  • Select Method type is POST
  • Now enter following data into Data(s) field.

  • Enter following data into Additional Placeholders field. Please replace your_paypal@gmail.com by your Paypal email accordingly.

  • Select Return Type is POST
  • Enter Payment Success Condition is custom == {orderId}

That’s all.

Fee is not appearing in spite of correct setting in xfeepro

Cause 1 –  Ordering of xfeepro is not correct 

Xfeepro is an order total module.  Opencart calculate fee/cost of the order total module based on their ordering  defined in Admin ->Extensions -> Order Totals. Ordering number of the xfeepro should be in between Sub-Total and Total for appearing correctly.


Cause 2:  Custom checkout module

Xfeepro has been tested with quick checkout, one page checkout module. However, it might not work due to custom works or other checkout module.  This issue can not be solved without checking. It might be needed ftp or store admin login to resolve. Please contact at opencartmart@gmail.com for free support.