How to show xform data in a custom template?

For showing form data/records in the information page, you will have to place shortcode [xformdata id=formID limit=20][/xformdata]. Surely you will have to place your form ID in place of formID

By default data will be shown as tabular format but you can show data in your customized template. In that case you will have to place your template inside shortcode. For example:

[xformdata id=formID limit=20]YOUR_TEMPLATE[/xformdata]

You can make your template ready by placing xform placeholders for getting form data.

Lets make template using above placeholders shown in the screenshots.

[xformdata id=formID limit=20]<div>{c2.value}</div><div>{c17.value}</div><div>{c4.value}</div>[/xformdata]

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