How to integrate Web Money in X-Payment

You can integrate Web money in xpayment in following ways:

  1. Create a new payment method in x-payment
  2. On the General setting, Choose your Order status that you want to apply when the purchase is successful.
  3. On the integration tab, Select Integration Type “Redirect/Forward to Payment URL
  4. Enter URL to redirect is:
  5. Select Method Type: POST
  6. On the Data(s) field, enter following JSON data and adjust your LMI_PAYEE_PURSE accordingly.
    "LMI_PAYMENT_DESC" : "Payment to {storeName}",
    "LMI_PAYMENT_NO" : "{orderId}",
    "LMI_PAYMER_EMAIL": "{email}",
    "LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT" : "{orderTotalWithoutCurrency}",
    "LMI_SUCCESS_URL" : "{returnURL}",
    "LMI_FAIL_URL": "{storeUrl}index.php?route=checkout/checkout",

7. On the Payment success condition field, enter the following condition:

Complete Integration example of webmoney in X-payment

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