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Shipping cost based on per Unit weight

Hi, Cloud you please help me to resolve a confusion?

My store use 0.1 kg as the unit weight, the unit price for each 0.1 kg is about $0.7.

For instance:
7.33 kg Shipping cost = 73.3*$0.7 = $51.31.

How can I combine this options?


Thanks for your question.  For achieving your goal, please do followings.

  1. Under Price setting tab, select the Shipping by to Weight
  2.  Now Enter Unit Ranges as follows

Start    End       Cost        Per Unit Block       Allow Partial
0            1000       0.7             0.1                                 NO

Showing Breadcrumb on Homepage in opencart

By default opencart does not show breadcrumb on home page in default theme.  If you want to show breadcrumb on home page, you will have to modify two files.

Controllercatalog/controller/common/home.php, Add following code of lines just before the line $data[‘column_left’] = $this->load->controller(‘common/column_left’);

View   catalog/view/theme/YOUR_THEME/template/common/home.tpl , add following lines of code after <div class=”container”> or as per your theme.

That’s all.  It is recommended to use OCmod for modifying file instead of modifying directly, otherwise it will be lost in future update.

Feeling lazy! NO worry, I attached an OCmod. You can install through opencart extension installer.  Finally, refresh your modifications list in Admin -> Extensions -> Modification

Click here to download breadcrumbonhome.ocmod.xml